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SNCF 232 TC  / DB Br 78

These interesting locomotives, which were still active in the late sixties, were built between 1912 and 1923 both for the Prussian Railways and for the former Alsace-Lorraine System, when Alsace was still part of the German Empire.  464 engines were built for Germany and 27 for Alsace.  The T-18 series in service on the SNCF as 232 TC took the place of the class T-17 because they were larger, simpler, easy to operate, had good acceleration and tractive effort performance.  

For a tank locomotive, they had the unusually large water tank capacity of 3170 US gallons. They were in service on all the lines of the Vosges and Alsace, and were housed in various sheds, such as Strasbourg, Hagenau, Selastat, Colmar and Ille Napoleon (Mulhouse).  They rivaled the PLM 242 series but spent most of their working-life alongside the PLM 232 locomotives. They will never be forgotten by the railwaymen of the former Alsace-Lorraine System.


Scale, Gauge:  1/32, 45mm

Net Weight:  4. kg. (8 1/2 lbs)

Length:  454 mm (18 1/4 inches)

Width:  104 mm (4 1/10 inches)

Height:  142 mm (5 6/10 inches)


Wheel Arrangement: 2C2 (406-4, 232), Baltic

Driver:  Dia. 52 mm.

Cylinders:  Twin Cylinders, Bore 13 mm x Stroke 20 mm

Valve Gears:  Walschaerts' type with Reversing lever


Boiler Type:  Smithie's Type Boiler

Capacity:  200 ml

Fittings:  Safety Valves x 2, 3-Way Cock, Regulator, Blower Valve, Check Valve, Pressure Gauge, Water Gauge

Lubricator:  Roscoe Displacement type


Fuel:  Methylated Alcohol

Burner:  Alcohol Burner with Three Wick Tubes





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