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SNCF 140C (2-8-0)

A French 140C / SNCF 140 locomotive is now available.  Variations include an SNCF type 140C 287 and SNCF type 140C 302 (Dabeg).  The prototypes of these two-cylinder superheated steam locomotives were constructed from 1913 to 1918 for both freight and passenger trains.  


SNCF type 140C 287


Engine type 140-C-287 (SNCF)

- Black livery with red lining

- Original ETAT smoke box door

- Compound air pump

- Lemaître exhaust

- Tender with coal bunker extension

SNCF type 140C 302 (Dabeg)

Engine type 140-C-302 (SNCF)

- Green livery with yellow lining

- NORD smoke box door

- Compound air pump

- Dabeg feed-water pump with mechanic drive

- Tender with coal bunker extension


Prototype History

At the beginning of the 20th century the French Chemin de Fer de l'ÉTAT requested a more powerful steam engine for freight trains with a wheel arrangement 1-D. The design went back to a loco developed by Henschel, which was built for the Italian national railway.  

All engines have been produced and delivered from 1913 to 1920. In the beginning the entire production was in France at S.A.C.M. (Belfort), Schneider (Le Creusot) and Fives-Lille (Lille). Due to overload in the French industry, as a result of WW I, total production had to be relocated to three English companies: North-British, Nasmyth-Wilson and Vulcan Foundry. Total production line at the end was 340 units. 

The locos proved to be very efficient and successfully handled freight trains up to 1800 t. Many engines survived WW2 and gave excellent performance in all railway applications. Due to their efficiency and reliability quite a number of engines remained in active service within the French railway company SNCF until the mid 1970s. Their increased maximum speed of 80 km/h enabled them to be used even in passenger and fast train services. 

Even today some 140-C are still in active duty on various museum tracks in France. One beautiful example can be admired at the French Railway Museum in Mulhouse.


Technical Specification for the Aster SNCF 140C model 


Scale /Gauge: 1/32, Gauge One  

Length: 604.5 mm  (Engine: 367.2mm ,Tender: 226.8mm)

Width: 98mm 

Height: 138.3mm

Weight:  5.2Kg  (Engine: 3.7Kg. Tender: 1.5Kg)


Wheel arrangement: 2-8-0 (Consolidation type) 

Minimum turning radius: 2 meter


Boiler: C-type, water capacity 220 ml @ 70% full 

Boiler fittings: check valves, 2x safety valves, Regulator valve, Blower valve, By-pass valve,

Blow-down valve, Pressure gauge.

Operating boiler pressure: 3.5kg.bar


Valve gear type:   Walschaert 

Slide valve travel: 5mm, Lap 1.0mm, Cutoff: 80% 

Cylinders:  2 Cylinders, Dia.12mm. x stroke 20mm 

Cylinder drain cocks fitted


Driving wheel: dia, 45mm

Pilot wheel: dia. 26.5mm

Tender truck wheel: dia. 30mm 


Lubricator: Roscoe displacement type 

Axle driven pump: Bore5mm x Stroke 5mm 

Tender hand pump: Bore 11mm x Stroke 12mm


Fuel: Methylated alcohol 

Alcohol tank capacity: 150ml. 

Water tank capacity: 250ml.

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