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 Reference Manual, Reviews, Articles and Notes

A comprehensive reference resource and data base

sharing knowledge for Aster Gauge 1 Live Steam collectors and operators


Manual for Aster Model Live Steam Engines

History of Aster Hobby

Valve Gears

Main Features of Aster Engines

Pumps and Injectors

Aster Assembly Notes


Principles of Locomotive Design

Axle / Tender Pump Assembly

Safety Precautions

General Operations and Safety

Scales and Gauges

Fuel Systems

Boiler Types

Radio Control

Boiler Fittings

Trouble Shooting



Butane Gas Supply Adapter

Maintenance - Check List


Aster Assembly Reviews and Technical Tips

Aster UP Challenger  - Errata 


Aster UP FEF - Errata


Building an Aster UP FEF


Charles Bednarik



Building the Aster 9F


Dave Stick


A review of Aster's Great Northern S-2

Ross Schlabach


Building the Aster 9F

Revised Edition 

David Stick



A review of Aster's GWR Castle Class

Dave Stick


BR 9F Assembly and Test Report 

Markus Neeser


Building the Aster Battle of Britain

Dave Stick


Aster Great Northern KIT - Errata


Asterís NKP Berkshire #779
Howard Freed with photos by Jason Musheno


Aster NKP Berkshire KIT - errata sheet

Aster Hobby Company


Radio Installation in an Aster NKP Berkshire

Larry Shimp


A review of Aster's French 2-8-0

John van Riemsdijk


Aster A3 - The Flying Scotsman

Geoff Calver


Tuning Tips for the A3 Pacific

Andrew Pullen


Aster B20

Nick Wantiez


The Backwoods Grasshopper 

Sony Wizelman


Aster Duchess of Sutherland

Dave Stick


Aster JNR C62-2

Ross Schlabach


Aster Jumbo 

Jerry Reshew 


Tuning Tips for the Aster Jumbo

Andrew Pullen


Aster King George V 

Geoff Spenceley


Aster Lion 

 Richard Finlayson


Aster Chaplelon Nord  

Geoff Spenceley


Aster NYC Hudson

Fred Gandolfi


A Firebrick Burner on a P8 / BR38

John Garrett


Aster T- 3 / BR 89 

Chip Rosenblum


Aster USRA Light Mikado

Nick Wantiez


Installing the USRA Mikado Axle Pump

Joe Betsko


Radio Installation in an Aster USRA Mikado

Ross Schlabach


Tuning Tips for Bulleid "Spam Can"  

Andrew Pullen


Aster's Bulleid Light Pacific "Spam Can" 

Robert Youngjohns


More Experience with the "Frank S" 

Elk Hartmann


Stainless Screen Wicks for Aster Locomotive

Jeff Runge


Notes on the Development of the Aster Marque

John van Riemsdijk


Visit to Aster Hobby in Yokohama, Japan

Jason Musheno and Joel Taylor


Accessorizing an Aster Reno  

Steve Baker


Miscellany of Articles


The Truth About Steam Oil 

Harry Wade


Diagnostic Flowchart

Barry Applegate & Dick Moger


Elevated Track System using Trex

Jim Pitts


Scale Speed Chart

Jim Gabelich


Coal Firing 

Jim Pitts


Coal Firing 

John Shawe


Building an Elevated Gauge 1 Railway 

Howard Freed


Steam Oil Specifications 

Bill Petitjean


Steam, Smoke & Sushi - Steam in Japan

Hans Huwyler


Gare du Nord

Layout Construction in Trinidad

Yves Guillaume


Coupler Modification on UK Passenger Coaches

John Tribe


The Tribe Track Layout in Florida

John Tribe


Coal Firing the Aster "Big Boy"

Yves Guillaume


Coal Firing Gauge 1 Locomotives

Yves Guillaume


Steaming an alcohol fired Aster Mikado

David Leech


How to fire up an alcohol fired loco

Alwin W.


Building and Operating Aster Locomotives

Dave Stick


Tips for Operating an Aster Locomotive



Building and Operating Aster Locos (Part 1)


Building and Operating Aster Locos (Part 2) 


Building and Operating Aster Locos (Part 3)


Building the Aster Battle of Britain


Building the Aster 9F


A review of Aster's GWR Castle Class




"Notes from the Unit Shop"

Kevin O'Connor's advice for the beginning small scale live steamer


Steam Oil Selection

Fuels for Gas Firing


Lubricating Oil

Alcohol as a Fuel


Boiler Water Levels

Radiant Poker Burners


Getting Started with Frank S - Part 1


Getting Started with Frank S - Part 2


Getting Started with Frank S - Part 3


Getting Started with Frank S - Part 4


Improving the B-1  0-4-2T


Improving "Old Faithful" 0-4-0





GWR Castle Class - photo by Dave Stick




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