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Diamondhead International Small Scale Steamup 2017

Photos by John and Melinda Tribe and Jim Pitts


Diamondhead 2017 WRAP-UP


Well, 2017 is history. It was a great week and all of you made it happen. Thanks for coming to the Deep South in very pleasant, slightly warmer weather and enjoying a good time, good food and great steaming. Meeting old friends and new plays a large part in the Diamondhead experience. 

This year we had 4 tracks throughout the Atrium and there was no waiting for steaming. The big track had mostly standard gauge trains running and the other tracks had a large assortment of narrow gauge and whimsical trains running continuously. 

The hotel has been significantly improved with upgraded furniture, carpets and air conditioning in the inside rooms and they are starting to do the same to the outside rooms. The swimming pool was in excellent condition and we heard no complaints throughout the week. 

Bruce and Mary Rose Gathman ran a successful flea market with the help of a few volunteers as many items changed hands. Bruce promises to “do it again” next year. Bruce and his volunteer helpers do an excellent job keeping track of all the items and transactions. There were a large number of engines and accessories for sale/trade this year, and the action was brisk. 

We had 107 steamers who registered prior to the event this year, but 120 people actually showed up. There were quite a few last minute walk-ins and a few people who wanted to watch and not run trains. 50 spouses/significant others also added to the crowd. On Saturday Richard Jacobs again invited some teen agers from the N.O. City Park G1 electric layout to run live steam. They steamed all day and into the night. It looks like we will be adding some younger steamers to the Diamondhead experience in the future. 

The Friday free luncheon turned out to be the highlight of the week. Richard Jacobs’ wife Robbie and her helpers prepared and served a Cajun feast consisting of Gumbo, Pastalaya (Jambalaya with pasta instead of rice), crawfish pies, salad and a large selection of desserts. 

In addition Richard hired a band to serenade us while we ate and everyone really enjoyed the music. Richard even played his guitar with the band for a couple of songs.

Many thanks to our Seminar speakers: Will Lindley, Jerry Reshew, and Dan Rowe. Their seminars were interesting, topical and well attended. We are looking for seminar speakers for next year, so anyone who is interested, please contact Pat Darby via phone or email. 

The “O” scale breakfast was a huge success. This breakfast has morphed into an “open” breakfast for everyone at the steamup and we had an overflow attendance at Rouses’ dining room. Peter Foley filled in for Ken Matticks with the latest news on “O” scale and the treasurer gave his report. Everyone enjoyed the good southern food at Rouse’s. 

Jeff Young chaired the inaugural meeting of “The Mamod Club of the Americas” which had three tables covered with Mamodania consisting of locomotives and stationary engines. Jerry Reshew treated everyone who brought a Mamod to lunch at the Red Zone restaurant. Jerry’s daughter in law, Charmaine Reshew was in charge of the registration table for this event. Everyone enjoyed the displays. 

On Thursday Will Davis moderated another Chirp-Up for the guys who brought their Cricket locomotives. There were quite a few in attendance and everyone had fun.

Also on Thursday, Cindy Smelser organized a ladies event called “Stampin Up”. She contacted a local crafts lady who came to the hotel and brought lots of craft items for the ladies to make into household and gift items.  This event was attended by around 20 of the ladies and everyone I spoke with wants to do it again next year. 

Many thanks to Scott McDonald for serving as our “Official Photographer” after the retirement of Carol Jobusch. Scott took the group picture and G1MRA photo in addition to many videos and photos of live steamers running their trains. Look for them on MLS and YouTube. 

Door prizes were handed out starting Tuesday thru Friday. The grand prize was a Kobalt tool kit won by Ives Guillaume. Free registration for next year was won by Jim Sanders. The free subscription to Steam in the Garden was won by Ian Pearse.

The registration ladies did a fine job keeping everything organized. Thanks to Ginny Morris, Cindy Smelser, Mary Weltyk, and Gayle Keir for handling the surge at registration time. We couldn’t do all of this without their help! My apologies if I’ve left anyone out. 

The movie turned out to be two movies. We started with the 1929, “The Flying Scotsman”, starring Ray Milland, followed by the main feature, the 1956 “”The Great Locomotive Chase”, starring Fess Parker and Jeffrey Hunter. There were lots of train action scenes in both movies and the house was packed. Free popcorn was provided by Richard and Robbie Jacobs. 

The statistics for the steamup are always of interest:

·       48 quarts of Alcohol

·       90 cans of Butane

·       89 gallons of distilled water. 

Unknown amount of coal, but the coal smoke in the Atrium attested to a goodly amount of coal used. Not only that, but while running a coal fired C62, Ives Guillaume and Sam Dimaggio set off the fire alarm. Luckily we called the fire dept. and they did not respond which could have resulted in a monetary charge for responding to a false alarm. The hotel people did not know how to turn off the alarm, but one of our steamers works in the fire alarm business and he showed them how to turn it off. 

Our registrants came from 28 states and 3 foreign countries as follows:

Florida-25; Texas-10; Michigan-7; Georgia, Mississippi-6; New Jersey, Pennsylvania-5; South Carolina-4; Louisiana, Missouri-3; Alabama, Indiana, Virginia, Wisconsin-3; Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Kansas, Massachusetts, Maryland, New York, Ohio, Utah, Vermont, Washington-1. Canada-4, UK-3, Trinidad-1. 

The drawbar results are posted in the attachment. Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to all who participated. Many thanks to Bob Pope for taking the time to run the contest and compile all the results, and keeping the measurement equipment in good shape. 

On Saturday Jan. 14, as we were picking up the tracks, we tragically lost Tom Myers who suffered a massive heart attack or stroke and did not survive. Tom died doing what he loved, being at Diamondhead and running trains. We will always remember Tom and his family in our thoughts and prayers. We will display a commemorative plaque at all future Diamondhead steamups. 

Congratulations and thanks to all attendees for a great steamup and hopefully we will see everyone back next year and maybe some old and new faces.  2018 will be the 25th anniversary of the Diamondhead International Steam Up so we are planning some special “Events” and gifts for those attending. - January 14-21, 2018 - SEE YOU THERE!!




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Photo Gallery 66 - Page 1
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