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Jerry Reshew


What a week ! The small city of Diamondhead was the focus of what is certainly the Premier Steam Event for those of us who play with small scale live steamers. Before continuing, let me thank you, one and all, for traveling to the Steamup and helping us carry on what is now a tradition - 20 years (and still counting)

The most recognizable thing that greeted us all was the new trackage. This was the result of two of our regulars doing some amazing volunteer effort in conceptualizing the need, sorting out the barriers, and most important, getting funding to our track maven, Richard Jacobs. Will Lindley and Torry Krutzke did the year long collecting of voluntary donations from you all and the vigor that this pair displayed through the year resulted in what has to be one of the finest portable tracks in the world. Richard and his cohorts will be setting up this track for you for at least another twenty years! 

The week went along at a somewhat anticipated pace. The day crowd and the all night crowd seldom met, except where food was concerned.  Steamers from thirty states and five foreign countries ( in which I include Canada ) registered and enjoyed the seven or so days of meeting old and new friends while sharing the sheer enjoyment of this most eccentric of the model rail hobby. Our weather was rather brisk outside the building, but all was cozy indoors.

The volunteer staff was an asset that made everything click, and Bruce Gathman and his crew ran our Flea Market with utmost precision as about $50,000 in transactions gave attendees new old locomotives to play with and take home until next year. Bob Pope had a vigorous crowd attempting to set records in the Drawbar Pull and he promises to do it again in 2014.


Where did we all come from? 


Alabama - 2

Arizona - 1 

Arkansas - 7                

California- 8

Colorado -  7                      

Florida - 23

Georgia -  7

Illinois - 4                    

Indiana – 5

Iowa - 1

Kansas – 2

Kentucky -  1

Louisiana -  7

Maryland -  6

Massachusetts - 1

Michigan  - 6

Mississippi - 5

Missouri -  2          

Nebraska - 1

Nevada - 1     

New Jersey - 4 

New Mexico - 1               

New York - 2

North Carolina - 1

Ohio - 1                      

Oregon - 1

Pennsylvania -  7

South Carolina -  4                               

Texas -  17                

Utah - 2

Vermont - 2

Virginia - 2

Washington - 5                 

Wisconsin - 3


Our International visitors:


Canada  -  8

Germany  - 1

Korea  - 3

Trinidad -   1

United Kingdom  - 3



Allowing for no shows and walk-ins, the total attendance was 134 (give or take) very active visitors.


This is the last year for management of the International Small Scale Steamup to be handled at Diamondhead Towers.  I am retiring and handing the throttle over to Richard Jacobs. Richard has enlisted two assistants in Terry Smelser and Pat Darby (all members of the Bayou Live Steamers) as his permanent staff and the transition will occur as the various bits and pieces of paper shuffle their way through the endless steps of reorganization. We’ve already started and it will be seamless as far as the steam community is concerned.


Again, thank you for coming and I hope that you get back here next year.


Thank You, very much indeed! ... Jerry Reshew

for your hospitality across the years and miles.


Photos by Kendrick Bisset


Southern Steam Trains appreciates

the generous and artistic photographic coverage

of the 2013 (Twentieth Annual) Steamup

by Steve Baker, Kendrick Bisset, Rick Parker, Carol and Peter Jobusch,

Melinda and John Tribe for posting on our website.


Consider joining with us for a full week of steaming

in Diamondhead, Mississippi, January 12 - 19, 2014.


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