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Photo Gallery 37 - Page 7

"Sheds and Workshops"

The Rail Scene in the UK by Adrian Brodie

A view of the front of the 1932 built, four road GWR shed at Didcot; 16 June 2010. Being involved with Didcot Railway Centre, I visit here at least once a month. Always something different to see, especially changed locomotive line-ups in the shed. With further images of inside.

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Is it a shed or is it a workshop? Bearing in mind the technicalities, a shed is really to house working locomotives, enabling basic maintenance to be carried out to locomotives to keep them running under normal service.  And a workshop is where the heavy maintenance to locomotives is carried out. 

That said, more often than not, at least in the UK, (on heritage railways) they tend to be referred to as sheds. Even though heavy maintenance and serious restorations are carried out in them. Some of the larger heritage railways are fortunate to have both, though, many, often have to make do with just the one building, which serves a variety of purposes. 

But, to this mix can also be added... the carriage and wagon works.

The above comments still tend to apply, with larger railways having their own dedicated carriage and wagon works, in addition to a shed, and workshop. Or even, in the case of the West Somerset Railway, a number of various such buildings. 

With regard to this subject matter, it is what happens inside these buildings that I am more interested in, in showcasing the images on this page. Though, where possible, I do include an external view of the building.

And it should be added that, quite often, in terms of taking photos inside workshops or sheds, space and light are often in short supply.

The original Didcot broad gauge transfer shed, where broad gauge met standard gauge. This original building was moved the short distance to where it now is, at the Didcot Railway Centre. It now houses Fire Fly, the (working) broad gauge replica of one of Brunel's 1840 broad gauge locomotives. Followed by a further image of this shed, and then further images inside the original GWR shed.

A view inside the workshop at Didcot, taken 22 February 2009. The first line of thumbnails are photos of the two new-build projects, to recreate a "Saint" 4-6-0 and a "County" 4-6-0, both long lost locomotive classes.

A view inside the shed at Loughborough, on the Great Central Railway:17 June 2007. Quite obviously a workshop, rather than a shed.


Another view inside the shed at Loughborough, taken 30 September 2007.


A view of the frames of the then being built Peppercorn A1 Pacific 60163 Tornado, from the footplate, while inside the Darlington Hopetown Carriage Works. Which became the A1 Trust's Darlington Locomotive Works. Taken on 23 September 2006.


A view inside the workshop at the National Railway Museum, York, taken on 2 October 2009. Showing the most famous locomotive in the world (Or at least, parts of it): Gresley A3 Pacific 4472 Flying Scotsman. Due back on the main line in summer 2012. The driving wheels are visible in the foreground, behind them the tender, showing the narrow passageway through which crews used to change over, while on the move. Following thumbnails show a variety of images taken since 2006.

A view inside the workshop at Sheffield Park on the Bluebell Railway; 12 August 2007.  Followed by two more images, and then three images inside the adjacent three road shed.  Photography in the shed is always challenging, as there is little space, allied to the fact that it is very dark inside.

A view of the shed at Haworth on the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway, taken 27 July 2008. No public access, so, a little bit of help from my good friend, Mr Zoom!

A view inside West Shed at Swanwick on the Midland Railway Centre, taken on 11 November 2007. Built by the Princess Royal Class Locomotive Trust to house and maintain their collection, it is a full blown workshop facility with public viewing gallery. Other thumbnails include one of the other sheds at Swanwick.

A view from the public viewing gallery in the workshop at Tyseley Railway Centre; 28 June 2008.

A view of the shed at Bridgnorth on the Severn Valley Railway, taken from the station footbridge on 23 July 2006. Again, although referred to as a shed, it is a workshop. Later images show the open end being closed off.

A view inside the shed at Ropley on the Mid Hampshire (Watercress) Railway; 4 May 2008.  The final three images show the brand new workshop there; half of it is a boiler shop, and half a carriage works.



A view inside the shed at Haverthwaite on the Lakeside & Haverthwaite Railway; 11 September 2006.

A view of one of the sheds at Quainton on the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre; 25 August 2008.

The view from the train of the shed and workshops at Porthmadog on the Ffestiniog (narrow gauge) Railway. 23 October 2006.  Further "views from the train" include:


The shed at New Romney, on the Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch (narrow gauge) Railway: 18 October 2008


The shed at Aviemore on the Strathspey Railway (Scotland): 13 September 2006


The shed at Washford on the West Somerset Railway: 1 October 2009


The shed at Havenstreet on the Isle of Wight Railway: 20 June 2009


The shed at Weybourne on the North Norfolk Railway: 23 July 2007


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