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A hundred plus steamers from 14 states, Canada and Mexico experienced a warm welcome at the National Summer Steamup.  There was a blend of familiar faces and new enthusiasts eager to boil water despite the 110 degree summer heat.  Fortunately, the five streaming tracks were located inside the air-conditioned ballroom of the Lions Gate Hotel and Convention Center at the former McClellan Air Force in suburban Sacramento, California.     


From early morning until late at night, there was a parade of locomotives complemented by suitable rolling stock.  Some of the engines were Berkshires, Daylights, Kings, Duchess's, Schools, U1,  A4s, A3s, Jumbos, Stirlings, Panniers and Aster’s new Bulleid Light Pacific “Spam Can.”  A full range of fuels: alcohol, butane and coal were utilized.   


In addition to track track time, a series of seven seminars were presented.  Topics ranged from assembling kits, tuning locomotives, building turnouts, to the creative whimsy of steam creations by Crab-Fu.   


Late Saturday afternoon, the third annual Shay-Up occurred.  Orchestrated by Sonny Wizelman, 24 Shay locomotives were fired and coupled together for four victory laps.  While not officially recognized by the Guinness Record Book, it is certified in the world renowned Wizelman List of unusual accomplishments.  Following the Shay-Up, all participants enjoyed the conviviality of a California style Barbeque. 


The 2006 National Summer Steamup represents the 10th anniversary of this popular event.  Already the seven members of the Steam Events LLC are planning the 2007 event, which is scheduled for July 18-22, 2007.


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Southern Steam Trains expresses its gratitude to Howard Freed for supplying the photographs for this gallery.

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