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Pannier Tank

The ubiquitous pannier t-style of locomotive design was probably built in greater quantities than any other locomotive that operated in the United Kingdom; a grand total of 2,393 of all types were built and saw well over a hundred years of service.  The Great Western Railway was a prolific builder of this style of locomotive, and wherever their tracks ran, their version of the pannier tank locomotive was sure to be seen. The Pannier Tank, as opposed to the saddle tank, that 'hung' further down around the boiler, evolved from the difficulty of fitting a saddle tank onto the Belpaire firebox - was common to Great Western locomotives - and thus a happy compromise was found.  

Among many classes, the Class 5700 was produced in the largest numbers, with no less than 863 units being constructed between 1929 and 1949, not only at the Swindon Works but also by many of the leading English locomotive builders.  These beautiful, sturdily-built locomotives performed shunting duties as well as hauling local goods and passenger trains.  They were claimed to be the best six-coupled tank locomotives ever designed.   

While there were many minor dissimilarities between units from different production batches, as the basic formula of the Swindon Pannier evolved the years of design practice, service and maintenance experience, most of the variations were in the minor design details of the cabs.  These differences are faithfully reflected in the two types of Pannier Tanks which Aster has reproduced in Gauge 1.  Six different liveries were offered: the GWR 3738, No 5762 and No. 5764 in green; British Railways No. 8763 in black and No. 6400 in green; and the London Transport No. 90 in crimson.




Scale/Gauge:  1/32, No. 1 gauge (45mm)

Total weight:  2.7 kg



Length: O.B. 308 mm

Width:  82 mm

Height: 127 mm


Wheel Arrangement: 0-6-0

Driving wheels: Dia. 44 mm made of stainless steel


Engine Cylinders: 

2 cylinders with a drain valve 

Bore 10 mm x Stroke 20 mm 

Steam port 1.5 mm 

Lap 1.2 mm 

Travel 5.4 mm

Valve gear:  Slip Eccentrics


Boiler Type:  Type "C" with 1 large fire tube + 4 small fire tubes

Water capacity: 165 cc at 80% full

Pressure: 2 kg/cm at normal working

Fittings: Safety valve, Pressure gauge, Water gauge, Regulator, Blower valve, Check valve for feed water pump.

Lubricator: Roscoe displacement type


Fuel:  Methylated alcohol

Fuel tank capacity: 75 cc

Minimum radius: 1.5 meter






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