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"Old Faithful"  0-4-0T

Back in 1976, Aster introduced the simplest of small scale locomotives, an 0-4-0 B -Tank type light railway engine, using oscillating cylinders.  The cylinders oscillate as the wheels rotate.  The cylinders are phased at 180 degrees to each other, the left hand crank pin has a return crank pin which is phased at 90 degrees to the main crank pin order to couple to the trailing wheels.


All parts are carefully prefabricated and painted.  With only 91 different parts, a total of 353 parts go into the assembly of the locomotive. Though small and simple, these engines run on steam generated by alcohol firing.


Kevin O'Connor on "Putting the Spark in Old Faithful"


Scale, Gauge:  Free Style, 45 mm

Net Weight:  1.2 kg. (2 5/8 lb)



Length: 230 mm ( 9 inches)

Width: 80 mm (3 1/8 inches)

Height: 130 mm (5 1/8 inches)


Wheel: B (0-4-0, 020), 4-wheel Switcher

Driver:  Dia. 30 mm

Cylinder:  Two Oscillating Cylinders (Single Acting), Bore 9 mm x Stroke 14 mm, with Reverser


Boiler Type:  Smoke Tube Boiler

Capacity: 95 ml

Fittings: Safety Valve, Regulator, Filler Plug

Lubricator:  Roscoe Displacement Type


Fuel:  Methylated Alcohol

Burner:  Alcohol Burner with Three Wick Tubes

Fuel Tank Capacity: 45 ml.




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