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Safety Precautions



Aster locomotives are working live steam models and should not be considered toys.  A responsible adult should be in attendance at all time during operations and should be aware of the dangers associated with steaming the locomotive.  Extreme caution should be exercised to avoid scalding and fire damage.


Correct steam pressure and boiler water level should be maintained at all times and appropriate precautions, such as having a fire extinguishing equipment at hand, should be taken to prevent injury to bystanders and equipment.  ALCOHOL / BUTANE SHOULD NEVER ADDED TO THE FUEL TANK WITH THE BURNER IS LIT SINCE A FIRE COULD RESULT.


Steam generated and contained in the boiler develops substantial internal pressure and represents a large source of “stored” energy.  Aster boilers are made of heavy copper tubing with silver soldered plates and are protected from over pressurization by safety valves.  Although it is unlikely that a boiler explosion could occur, it is not impossible, especially if the boiler has been damaged or the safety valves are stuck closed.  For these reasons, the boiler and safety valves should be inspected on a regular basis.  Refer to the Operations and Maintenance section of this manual for instructions.




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