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Maintenance – Check List


It is very important to keep your locomotive in good operating condition. Maintenance can be as enjoyable as operating. A well maintained locomotive will reward you with many years of faithful service.

Key maintenance points are as follows:

(1)  After the day’s run is completed, empty the boiler, fuel tank and lubricator and dispose of their contents in an environmentally safe manner. Refill the lubricator with fresh steam cylinder oil. If setting the locomotive aside for extended periods, it is particularly recommended that all the water is removed from the boiler via the blow down valve after the final run.

(2)  Wipe excessive oil off the locomotive using a soft cloth, so that is displays a glossy appearance. Do not use cleaning solutions containing chemical substances such as thinner or alcohol since they may damage the paint finish. Soapy water containing dish washing detergent may be used.

(3)  Check for loose or missing fasteners and tighten / replace as necessary.

(4)  Check the condition of the O-rings on the filler caps and replace them if necessary. All filer caps should be installed but not tightened.

(5)  If any leaks were noted during operation, eliminate them by tightening the appropriate fittings or re-sealing with packing compound.

(6)  Lubricate all moving parts with medium weight machine oil.

(7)  Leave the regular valve, blower valve and cylinder drain cocks open when storing the locomotive or they may stick shut.

(8)  Important: Rotate the wheels of the locomotive a few turns every few weeks to avoid possible sticking of slide vales or pistons due to water condensation remaining inside the cylinder.




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