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Main Features of Aster Live Steam Engines

Authentic Models
  • All models are faithfully scaled from the prototype and maintain good proportions.

  • All engines use the correct operating principles first determined 170 years ago.

  • Each engine has its own mechanical features.

  • All-metal components assure sturdiness and durability.

  • Bronze bushings and/or ball bearings are fitted to the principal bearings.

  • Fine ornamental parts are made by a lost wax process to increase realism.

Complete Kits
  • All the parts are machined, manufactured, painted, coated and pre-finished completely.

  • All necessary screws and nuts are included in extra quantity.

  • The necessary tools for assembly are included.


Detailed instructions and illustrations

for correct assembly and safe operation

  • Most anyone can successfully finish the assembly, thereby learning the principles of real steam engines.

All the engines are in Gauge One (45 mm Gauge Track)
  • The ideal size for garden railways and room decoration

  • Convenient to carry to steam-up meets.  Not too heavy but not too light.

Safety Specifications
  • Cooper tube boilers are silver-soldered throughout and are tested at twice the normal working pressure

  • Two safety valves are fitted to each boiler

  • Axle-driven feed water pump is equipped on gas burning engines to prevent the boiler from burning dry.

  • Alcohol burning boilers have self-safety to prevent burning dry.  This means that if all of the water is the boiler is consumed, the blower or exhaust does not work.  The force of the alcohol fire is weakened because of diminishing oxygen.

State-of-the-Art Engineering is incorporated in classic steam  locomotives
  • Pre-assembled main frames are processed by laser beam cut with 1/100 precision and spot-welded.

  • Rulon (Teflon) piston rings are used for steam tightness in the cylinders.

  • Links and rods are made by the lost wax process and/or laser beam cut, which produces a better finish than stamping.

  • All Aster representatives will supply parts and consultation until your engines runs on steam.





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