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Southern Railway King Arthur Class

R.W. Urie, Chief Mechanical Engineer of the former London and Western Railway introduced 4-6-0 configuration locomotives in 1918.  They were one of the most successful locomotives during the period between 1928 and 1948.  After grouping, R.E.L. Maunsell, his successor in the by-now renamed Southern Railway, and famed as the designer of the designer of the 'Schools' Class 4-4-0, made a number of small but very important modifications to the drafting and valve gear, and increased the boiler working pressure.  

Named the 'King Arthur' Class, they proved so satisfactory in service that a considerable number, no less than 74, were built, being used primarily on express passenger train services.  The locomotives were named after the Knights of the Round Table or other characters in the Arthurian Legend.  

Aster chose to model locomotive No. 768, "Sir Balin," which was originally used to haul the boat-train express service between London Victoria and Dover.



Scale:  1/32, (No. 1 Gauge) 45 mm


Length O.B:  642 mm

Width: 92 mm

Height:  130 mm

Weight: 4.2 kg


Wheel Arrangement:  2C, 4-6-0 (230), Ten Wheeler

Drivers: Diameter 62 mm


Cylinders:  Two Cylinders, Bore 13 mm x Stroke 20 mm

Valve Gear:  Slip Return Crank


Boiler Type:  Smithies Boiler

Boiler Water Capacity: 200 ml


Fittings:  2 x Safety Valves, Blower Valve, Regulator Valve, Water Check Valve, Pressure Gauge and Water Gauge.

Lubricator:  Roscoe Displacement Lubricator


Tender Fuel Tank Capacity:  60 ml of Methylated Alcohol.

Burner:  Wick Tube Burner






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