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JNR C62/3 (1991)

During WW II, the ratio of freight to passenger locomotives was terribly unbalanced.  There were primarily freight locomotives, such as the D51 and D52 classes while the overworked C53 class provided passenger service.  After the conclusion of the WW II the need for passenger service increased.  It was decided by agreement between the Ministry of Transportation and the General Headquarters of the Allied Military Forces to develop new passenger locomotives. The initial plan was to take the basic D51 2-8-2 chassis and convert it into a Hudson, since many of the D51s were available after the war. Thus was born the C62 class Hudson which was intended to be used for limited express passenger service.


The fire grate area was increased to its maximum dimension, since Japanese coal had a low calorie content.   A stoker was also fitted for the first time since the number of railway men was limited.  In spite of the disadvantages of the JNR narrow gauge lines, one of the C62s recorded a speed of 127 Kilometers per hour (80 miles per hour), which was became a the world's speed record for a narrow gauge locomotive.   This was because of a large diameter driving wheels of 1750 mm, a boiler capable of producing power at high speeds and several other unique features.


From 1950 to 1967, forty-nine of the JNR C62s served on main lines hauling famous express trains.  They included: the "Tusubame" (Swallow) and the "Hato" (Pigeon) on the Tokaido line from Tokyo to Osaka.  "Kamome" (Sea Gull) on the Sanyo line from Kyoto to Hakata; the "Hatsukari" (Wild Goose) on the Jaban line from Tokyo to Sendai.



Scale, Gauge:  1/30 , 45 mm

Net Weight:  7.2 kg


Length:  726.5 mm

Width:  102 mm

Height:  132 mm


Wheel Arrangement: 2 C2 (English / American 4-6-4, F. 232) Hudson

Drivers:  Diameter 58 mm. box Center Drivers made of stainless steel, with ball bearings on axles and connecting rods.  Equalized spring action


Cylinders:  Twin Cylinders, Bore 15 mm x Stroke 20 mm


Valve Gears:  Walschaerts with Reversing Lever


Boiler Type:  Locomotive Type Boiler with 6 smoke tubes

Capacity: 400 ml

Fittings:  Safety Valve x 2, Regulator, Blower Valve, Check Valve, Pressure Gauge, Water Gauge, Whistle Valve, Whistle

Firebox Area:  Length 64 mm x Width 47 mm


Lubricator:  Axle Driven Mechanical Lubricator


Fuel: Alcohol and Charcoal


Tender Water Tank:  Capacity 800 ml


Feed Pumps: 

(1) Water Feed Pump (Cylinder bore 10 mm x Ram Stroke 16 mm; 

(2) Axle Driven Mechanical Pump (Bore 5 mm x Stroke 6 mm), By-Pass Valve





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