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Niseko Hokkaido Version




Asterís new C62-2 features...


  • Fully equalized pilot truck and drivers, exactly as on the prototype.  
  • Large whistle fitted - same as on the Asterís H8 Allegheny.  
  • All working pipes and peripheral components have been fully re-designed and positioned to make maintenance easier.  
  • User-friendly operation of blower and regulator valves. 
  • Screw type reverser fitted - same system as prototype locomotive. 
  • Wide fire hole makes it easy for coal-firing. 
  • Cleaning will be easier when coal-firing, as the smoke box door is easily removed.



JNR C62-2 Niseko Hokkaido Version


The 'Swallow' (Tsubame in Japanese) was the JNRís fastest passenger express train.   Unlike the annual return of the swallows of Capistrano, California, the return of the JNR Aster C 62/2 for a third production has been long anticipated and a welcomed surprise.    

Aster Hobby previously released models of the C62 locomitive s in 1978 and 1991.  The 2003 version of the C62/2 has been completely redesigned and engineered and truly represents the state of the art in Gauge 1 live steam locomotives.   

The last word in express passenger locomotives in Japan were forty-nine C62's with a 4-6-4 wheel arrangement, and in their task of hauling the 'Swallow' express train, they became the most famous of all JNR steam locomotives.  The C62ís were the result of a substantial rebuilding of Class D52 Mikados, a well-known  Japanese freight locomotive.   

The Mikado 2-8-2 type, suitable for freight service, was adapted to a Hudson 4-6-4 configuration more suitable for the high-speed running of express passenger trains. This occurred when the railroad shifted priority to passenger service over freight traffic. The results were very satisfactory, both from practicality and aesthetic standpoints.  The JNR C62s, long revered by rail fans, represented the summit of steam traction in Japan.    

The C62s worked express passenger trains on JNR's main lines such as the old Tokaido (Tokyo-Osaka) and Sanyo line, while the D52s worked mainly freight trains all over Japan.  The C62s, with their large 69 inch drivers, and their impressive 70 1/2 foot length, echo memories of their service on the famous 'Swallow' Express.  Aster's model of the C62/2 proudly represents the JNR's last express passenger locomotives.  

For a number of years after being taken off the rosters on the main island, these locomotives found a refuge on Japanís north island, Hokkaido, working the express trains out of Hakodate, the ferry-port on the islandís southern tip.  A C62-2 is on display at the Umekoji Museum Depot at Kyoto, on the Japanese main island, while a C62-3, based at Otaro on Hokkaido runs on special rail-fanning occasions.





SCALE/GAUGE: 1/30, Gauge 1  (45mm)

TOTAL WEIGHT: 10.0 kg. (22 lbs) (Locomotive 7.5kg + Tender 2.5kg)



LENGTH O.B: 767 mm  (30 1/4 inches) (Locomotive 483 mm + Tender 284 mm)

WIDTH: Locomotive 104 mm, Tender 100 mm

HEIGHT: Locomotive 142 mm, Tender 120 mm



DRIVING WHEELS: Dia. 58 mm Boxpok Type




MINIMUM RADIUS : 2 meters ( 6 1/2 feet) (The JNR C62- 2 Niseko Hokkaido Version will be Aster's first coal fired model capable of negotiating this sharp of radius).


ENGINE   CYLINDERS: 2 Cylinders - (bore 15 mm X stroke 20 mm) made of  phosphor bronze with drain cocks  fitted.)

Steam port: 1.5 mm - Cutoff 75%

Slide valve travel: 4 mm

PISTON: Rulon piston rings 2 x 2

VALVE GEAR: Walschaert


BOILER  TYPE: LOCOMOTIVE TYPE made from copper tubing.

WATER CAPACITY 350 CC at 70% full.


PRESSURE: Approx. 3 kg./sq.cm at normal working pressure

FITTINGS: Two safety valves, pressure gauge, regulator/blower valve, by-pass valve and water gauge


AXLE DRIVEN PUMP: Bore 5 mm x 6 mm ram stroke

LUBRICATOR: Roscoe displacement type        


TENDER WATER TANK: CAPACITY 300 cc - (hand pump installed)


FUEL: Butane or Coal.



Click here for a review of the JNR C62-2 by Ross Schlabach


Main Features


The C62-2 is the most famous steam locomotive in Japan.  Aster Hobby's third production run of this popular Gauge 1 model has been manufactured to most stringent specifications and with more detail than the previous two versions.


Additional Technical details:  

1.  The fire-grate is manufactured from stainless steel sheet metal.  

2. The locomotive has a fully linked equalized spring action.  

3. To allow the locomotive to negotiate a curve of 2 meter radius, the cylinder tail rods and draw-bar were modified however they still retain their prototype proportions.  

4. The gas burner system has been improved to assure reliable operation.  

5. Many more details, such as snow-proof attachments have been included.  

6. This third version consists of no less than 1,000 parts Ė the previous two versions contained about 450 parts.







Additional C62-2 Detailed Pictures on Page 2




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