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Japan National Railways Class C56 160


The JNR C56 2-6-0 series locomotives were intended to provide service on local lines that could not accommodate larger and heavier motive power.  The basic design was a conversion of the JNR C12 'Little Star' 2-6-0 tank locomotive.  This consisted of removing the side-tanks and trailing-trucks and adding smoke-deflectors and a slope-back tender.  Since many local lines did not have turntables, it was often necessary to operate the locomotive in reverse, so the slope-back tender provided a better view for the engine crew than did a standard tender.    

Between 1935 and 1942, one hundred and sixty-four locomotives of this class were produced.  Their low axle load and ease of handling made the C56 class suitable for use on many lightly-laid rail tracks in Asia.  The first ninety converted to operate on meter gauge track and were sent to Burma, Thailand and Indonesia during World War II.  After the war, they remained with ten of them being put into operation by the Thai National Railways (TNR).  Recently one of them was purchased from the TNR and has been returned to Japan where it has been restored by railfans.  

Of the seventy-four locomotives that remained in Japan, four were sent to Sakhalin Island, which became part of the Russian territory after WW II.  The other seventy were sent to local lines in the mountainous regions of Japan where they were affectionately nicknamed 'Hill ponies'.   Today C56 No.160, fully restored to working condition provides a nostalgic service for special rail-fanning events.



Scale/Gauge:  1/30. Gauge One (45 mm)

Weight:  4.9 kg.  (Engine 3.4 kg + Tender 1.4 kg)



Length O.B:  Engine 356 mm + Tender 180 mm

Width: 102 mm

Height:  148 mm


Wheel Arrangement: 2-6-0

Driving Wheels:  Dia. 46.5 mm (made of stainless steel)

Pilot Truck Wheels:  Dia. 28.6 mm

Tender Truck Wheels:  Dia. 28.6 mm


Engine Cylinders:  2 Cylinders Bore 12 mm x Stroke 20 mm

Valve Gears:  Walschaert


Boiler Type:  "C" Type for Alcohol Burning

Water Capacity:  150 cc at 80% full


Fittings: 2 x Safety Valves, Pressure Gauge, Water Gauge, Throttle Valve, Blower Valve, Check Valve


Fuel Tank Capacity:  100 cc of Alcohol


Pump: Hand Pump Fitted, Pump Rum 8mm x Stroke 10 mm


Lubricator:  Roscoe Displacement Type


Minimum Radius: 2 m


Coupler:  Open Jaw Knuckle Coupler




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