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Southern Steam Trains is North America’s exclusively Aster Dealer.



Be in touch regarding locomotives

you are seeking or wish to sell



Pre-Owned Live Steam Locomotives



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We accept orders and inquiries by phone


(864) 979 - 4128


If we are away from the phone,

please to leave your name and number for a response.


With over 35 years in Gauge 1 Live Steam,

Southern Steam Trains

welcomes the opportunity to serve you.  


Listed below is a comprehensive list of current models and accessories. All are new, unfired and in mint condition. 

Many items are in stock and ready to be shipped.


With fluctuations in currency exchange and inventory,


please call for price and availability. 



Click on locomotive name to view photograph, history and specifications. 


American Prototype


Great Northern “S2” 4-8-4 # 2584 Green  (sold out) KIT
UP FEF 837  Gray (sold out) KIT



British Prototype



L&M “Lion” 0-4-2  (Thunderbolt)  (sold out)




Swiss / German Prototype 


SBB E 3/3 "Tigerli  (2016 production) (sold out)       KIT


French Prototype 





Japanese Prototype


KISO Baldwin B1 Tank   (1.20)  0-4-2T

(1 remaining in inventory)

(Factory BUILT)



Alisan B-Class 28 Ton Shay

(1 remaining in inventory)

(Factory BUILT)



 Krauss Tank  0-4-0 T

 (1 remaining in inventory)

 (Factory BUILT)







Rolling Stock and Accessories



 German “Wannertender”

 (Bathtub Tender) for BR 01, 03, & 38 - (Sold Out)


UP Auxiliary Water Tank Car

(# 809 - J. Adams) - (Sold Out)

 Trackside Pump  -  (Sold out)  
 Suction Fan -  (Sold Out)  

 Aster Catalog / Manual - CD





Southern Steam Trains Bulletin


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Available Now!   Call for details

Class B - Two Truck Shay

(only one Factory BUILT remains in inventory)

Baldwin B1 Rear Tank  0-4-2T

(only one Factory BUILT remains in inventory)




Contact Southern Steam Trains


regarding "out of production"


Aster Gauge 1 locomotives


you are seeking or have for sale





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