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"Frank S"

In 1989 a cooperative venture between LGB and the master craftsmen at Aster, produced a steam-powered model locomotive - the 'Frank S'.  The locomotive features extensive detailing, heat resistant paintwork, full controls and fittings, etched data plates and is ready to be fitted with radio control. 

The prototype 'Frank S' was built by Henschel in 1941 for the Heeresfeldbahn and was found in a storage depot in 1945.  It was then put into service on the Juterbog - Luckenwalder Kreiskleinbahn as locomotive Number 1.  In 1949, the 'Frank S' was renumbered DB 99 4652 and continued to operate until 1965.  From 1966 to 1968, it saw service on the island of Ruegen, and in 1974, it was privately purchased, and today the renamed 'Nicki + Frank S' pulls special trains on the Jagstalbahn near Heilbronn / Stuttgart in Southern Germany.

To read more about the LGB / Aster Frank S. check out Marc Horovitz's Sidestreet Bannerworks Locomotive of the Month feature.


A comprehensive series of articles by Kevin O'Connor on "Getting Started with Frank S" are linked on the Southern Steam Trains'  Reference page.


Scale:  1:22.5

Gauge:  45 mm



Length: (over buffers)  472 mm (Engine 267 mm, Tender 181 mm)

Width:  106 mm

Height:  138.1 mm (Height over Whistle 146.1mm)

Weight:  4.3 kg (Engine 3.0 kg, Tender 1.3 kg)



Number:  2

Size:  Bore 15 mm x Stroke 16 mm


Piston Valves:

Valve Travel:  4.44 mm

Reverser Stroke:  12 mm


Wheel Arrangement:   0-6-0, all wheels insulated on both sides

Drivers:  31 mm diameter, 9 spokes

Tender:  24 mm diameter, disk type



Type:  Center Flue

Size:  Length 171 mm x Diameter 49 mm

Water Capacity:  180 ml at 80% (normal)

Fittings:  Safety Valve (set to release at 2.8 kg/cm2, +/- 0.2 kg/cm2, Throttle Valve, Water Gauge, Pressure Gauge and Water Inlet Plug



Type:  Roscoe Displacement

Oil Capacity: 4ml

Drain Tank Capacity:  8 ml


Burner Type:  Butane Gas


Gas Reservoir:

Size:  Length 84 mm x Diameter 35 mm

Capacity:  40-45 ml (normal), 68 ml (full)

Fittings:  Gas Regulator Valve and Inlet Plug


Photo by Mike Leppan, Cape Town. South Africa





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