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GER / ETAT / Ouest Tank  0-6-0T

Exhibited for the first time at the 1889 Paris Exhibition, this class of  0-6-0 tank engine was built by Messrs. Fives-Lille for the French Western Railway Company [Chemin de Fer de L'Ouest], and saw use for some years working local traffic on lines with steep gradients and on the Paris-St. Germain line.  

Later in 1900, when the Chemin de Fer de L'Ouest Company took over the 'ETAT' region railway, these little locomotives, having been renumbered, could be seen on the famous 'Ceinture' [Belt] railway.  

Toward the beginning of the 20th century, the British company of Messrs. Holden was commissioned by the Great Eastern Railway Company to manufacture very similar locomotives.  The Aster model, although not being exactly made to prototype, looked beautiful in the GER ultramarine blue livery and correct lettering.  

The Aster model locomotive has a single-acting oscillating cylinder, and is fitted with equipped with flywheel and reduction gearing.  Great ease of handling is assured via the use of a single operating lever that controls steam admission as well as changing directions.  This is an ideal locomotive for light passenger, goods trains or shunting duties.



Gauge:  45 mm


Length: 310 mm

Width: 90 mm

Height: 124 mm

Weight: 1.6 kg


Cylinder: A Single Acting Oscillating Cylinder (Bore 9 mm x Stroke 20 mm)

Reverse Control: A Single Lever in the Cab


Boiler Type:  Externally fired, cased

Water Capacity: 250 ml (Full) Maximum volume of water in the boiler should be 150 ml in operation.

Fittings: Safety Valve, Water Filter Plug (in the steam dome cover), Water Gauge


Burner:  4 Wick Tube Alcohol Burner

Fuel Tank Capacity:  60 ml of Methylated Alcohol

Lubricator:  Roscoe Displacement Type 


Click for a review by Marc Horovitz of Asterís GER 0-6-0T



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