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Swiss Federal Railway Eb 3/5


In 1910, the Swiss Federal Railways had a need for a powerful tank-locomotive.  Either for the suburban shuttle service trains or as an assisting locomotive on short, but steep grades.  The design of the well known superheated B 3/4 locomotive was changed by replacing a separate tender for a coal bunker and water tank on the main frame supported by a carrying axle.  Thirty-four locomotives were built in 1911 and maintained in service for number of years.





Length:  400 mm

Width: 100 mm

Height: 137 mm


Driving Wheels:  Diameter 48 mm, made of stainless steel

Pilot/Trailer Wheels:  Diameter 27 mm, made of stainless steel


Cylinders:  2 Cylinders, Bore 11 mm x Stroke 18 mm

Valve Gears:  Walschaert's with reverser lever Slide Valve


Boiler Type:  Smithies type with one water tube

Capacity:  160 cc of water

Fittings:  2 x Safety Valves, Regulator Valve, Blower Valve, Water Check Valve, Water Gauge, Pressure Gauge


Lubricator:  Roscoe Displacement Type


Fuel Tank Capacity:  60 cc of methylated (denatured) Alcohol

Burner:  3 Wick Tube Alcohol Burner





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