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British Railways Standard Class 5 Mixed Traffic 4-6-0 with tender

The BR 5 MT available in green passenger service - and black freight service livery.


The BR 5 MT is available in green passenger service - and black freight service livery - with screen printed cab numbers and BR tender herald (as shown in the two pictures).  Also, available unnumbered and without the BR tender herald. A transfer decal sheet containing cab numbers and BR heralds will be available as a option.




Locomotive type

BR Standard Class 5MT  (green and black liveries)


4.5 KG (9.93 lbs) (Locomotive 3.2KG , Tender 1.3KG)


Locomotive 397mm (15.43 inches), Tender 226mm (8.9 inches)


123 mm (4.84 inches)


87 mm (3.43 inches)


2 Cylinders with functional drain cocks

Bore 13mm , Stroke 22mm


Piston valves, bore 6mm, stroke 6mm

Valve gear

Waelschaert's Type

Wheel Arrangement


Main Driving Wheels

Cast Iron   dia. 58mm

Leading truck Wheels

Cast Iron  dia. 28mm

Axle driven pump

fitted to second driving axle, bore 5mm , stroke 6mm


C-Type with two smoke tubes, Capacity 210ccm @ 80% full

Operating pressure 4kg/cm2

Boiler Fittings

Safety valves. Pressure gauge, Regulator valve,

Blower valve, Check valve, Blow Down valve, Superheater


Roscoe displacement type


Alcohol burner with 3 tubes


Removable alcohol tank capacity 180ccm

Stainless steel water tank with hand pump capacity 250ccm

Minimum Radius

2 Meter (6.56 feet)


The initial production run was 170 units each individually numbered. 





BR 5 MT Photos courtesy - Andrew Pullen, Aster Hobbies UK

History of the Class 5 

In 1948 with the formation of British Railways from the 'Big Four' independent companies, the development of a new range of standard steam locomotives which could be used throughout the entire system became a high priority. Mr Robert Riddles and his team of designers were soon at work. In total 12 new designs were created by Mr Riddles' team. In 2007 Aster Hobby Co Inc created a live steam model of the BR Standard Class 9F which included 'Evening Star' the last steam locomotive built for British Railways, now in 2010 Aster have produced the BR Standard Class 5MT for the delight of modelers in the UK and around the World. 

The BR 5MT was deliberately based on the LMS 'Class 5' mixed traffic design - the famous and much loved 'Black Five' introduced in 1934. However the BR 5MT had the advantage of nearly 20 years progress in steam locomotive development. Consequently the general layout for crew comfort, ease of disposal and shed maintenance were all much improved. 

No fewer than 172 BR 5MT were built for use throughout the UK of which 30 were constructed with cam operated rotary Poppet valves driven by Caprotti valve gear. The only other significant difference between the locomotives was the variation in tenders chosen to suit local operating requirements. Several were painted at Swindon and Eastleigh for use in the Western and Southern Regions of BR in the attractive lined green livery and Aster are offering this variation in their production run. 

The BR 5MT was a true Mixed Traffic design being equally at home on an express passenger services as well as local passenger trains and fast freight operations. 

A total of 5 representatives of this class are preserved including one example with Poppet valves and Caprotti valve gear. The most famous example in preservation is probably No 73050 located on the Nene Valley Railway and named in preservation 'City of Peterborough'.


A BR 5MT Photo Album by Adrian Brodie

click to access


Aster Standard Class 5MT








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