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BAY S 2/6


Germany had been an assembly of several autonomous states before being unified into the German Empire in 1871 by Bismarck, the Iron Chancellor.  Prior to unification, each state had its own independent railway system.  This situation continued even after unification.  In 1890, steam locomotives speed competitions between the two railways along each side of the Rhine.  Speed competitions then spread to the entire German railway network.


In those days of competition, the Bavarian State Railways built the S 2/6.  To be up with the latest engineering developments of the day, W. Schmidt's superheating system produced more power than saturated steam.  Also 4 cylinder compounding was used to efficiently utilize the expansive properties of steam.


The wheel arrangement was 4-4-4 (2 B' 2) having large drivers of 2.2 meter diameter, and the weight of the engine without tender was 83 tons.  On July 2, 1907, No. 3201, hauling 4 passenger coaches weighing 150 tons, attained a maximum speed of 155 km/h.  This speed test between Munich and Augsbug established a new speed record.  This locomotive is now preserved in the Nurnberg Transportation Museum.




Scale/Gauge:  1/32, 45 mm (No. 1)

Net Weight:  5.98 kg (Engine:  4.32 kg + Tender: 1.66 kg)


Length:  670 mm (Engine: 431.5 mm + Tender:  229 mm)

Width:  96 mm

Height: 143 mm


Wheel Arrangement: 2' B 2', 4-4-4

Drivers: 68 mm, made of stainless steel with equalized and coil spring action


Cylinders:  2 x Cylinders made of Phosphor Bronze

Valve Gear:  Walschaert with screw reverser, Cut-Off 75%


Boiler:  Center Flue Type with water tubes x 7, Gas Burner

Fittings:  Safety Valve x 2, Regulator, Check Valve, Pressure Gauge, Water Gauge, Blow-down Valve, Whistle, Whistle Valve

Fuel:  Butane Gas (Gas Container capacity 90 ml)


Tender:  Water Capacity 400 ml (80%)

Feed Water Pumps:  

Hand Operation Pump (Bore 10 mm x Stroke 16 mm)

Axle Driven Automatic Water Pump (bore 5 mm x Stroke 6 mm) with By-Pass Valve


Lubricator:  Roscoe Displacement Type





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