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SNCF 150 X / Br 44


Approximately 2000 of these 2-10-0 three cylinder freight locomotives were built in Germany between the year 1926 to 1944.  A large number of them came to France during WW II and remained there after the war ended.  In French service, they were designated the SNCF 150X.  Of all the standardized German locomotives this class developed the highest tractive effort owing to its smaller diameter driving wheels.  In 1950, the German Federal Railways installed stokers and longer fireboxes on locomotives Nos. 44 239, 241, 242, 244, and 246.  In the same year Nos. 44 433, 475, 629, 1174 and 1210 were fitted with longer fireboxes and water preheaters.  In 1955, 32 locomotives were converted to oil firing and another 20 were converted to a powdered coal (coal dust) firing system.


Among the German standardized locomotives, the class 32 were built in the greatest numbers with over 6000 units produced.  The class 50 was in second place and consisted of 3159 units, while the class 44 was the third largest.  The Br 44 proved to be a trend setter and became the best of all the Reichsbahn locomotives.  They were more powerful than their predecessors.  The classes 42, 43, 50 and 52 were based on the class 44 design although only the class 44 and 45 had three cylinders.  The class 44 served in many European countries such as the Balkans, USSR. Poland, etc.  


The SNCF 150 X is pictured above.  The Br 44 is presented at the bottom of the page.



Scale, Gauge:  1/32, 45 mm (No. 1) gauge

Net Weight:  6.9 kg (Engine 5.2 kg + Tender 1.7 kg)

Dimensions:  Length 723 mm, Height 143 mm,  Width 100 mm


Driving Wheels: 44 mm spoked wheels made of stainless steel

Pilot Trucks Wheels:  27 mm spoked wheels made of stainless steel



2 x Outside Cylinders:  Bore 12 mm x Stroke 20 mm made of phospher bronze

1 x Inside Cylinder:  Bore 12 mm x Stroke 20 mm made of phospher bronze

Note: Outside Cylinders driven by Walchaerts valve gears (Travel 6 mm, Cutoff 75%)

Inside Cylinders driven by Slip Eccentric System (Travel 4 mm, Cutoff 44%)

Pistons x 3:  Rulon piston rings fitted


Burner:  3 wick tube alcohol burner



Boiler Type:  C-type Boiler (3 fire tubes with1 super heater)

Water Capacity:  300 ml at 80% full

Fittings:  2 x Safety Valves, Blower Valve, Regulator Valve, Water Check Valve, Pressure Gauge, Water Gauge

Feed Water System:  Axle Driven Feed Water Pump mounted on the 4th driver (Bore 5 mm x Stroke 5 mm)  Hand operated Pump mounted on tender water tank (Bore 10 mm x Stroke 16 mm)


Lubricator:  Roscoe Displacement Type (Volume 4.5 ml)



Fuel Tank Capacity:  280 ml (Methylated Alcohol)

Water Tank Capacity:  400 ml (distilled water) By-Pass Valve fitted on the engine side


Minimum Radius:  2 meter 





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