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NYC Hudson 4-6-4


These superb locomotives, used to haul the "Great Steel Fleet" on the Water Level Route, got their name from the Hudson River, and proved their capabilities as passenger traffic burgeoned on the Central Lines.  Their day-to-day reliability enhanced the Central's enviable reputation as the nation's foremost passenger carrier.  Their splendid performance, coupled with their handsome external appearance, made these locomotives an unqualified success - unequaled by any other locomotive on the American continent.  

The failure to preserve a single prototype of the New York Central Hudson locomotive is a tragic loss for railroading history.  Aster's NYC Hudson offered an opportunity for the model railroading enthusiast to own a precise 1:32 scale locomotive which is reminiscent of a period in American history when railroad service was at its peak. Aster's live-steam model replicates locomotive number 5265, one of twenty-five J1c locomotives built in the short period of 1928-1929.  Locomotive number 5265 was completed in December 1928, and it was retired from service in April 1953 and scrapped.




Engine:6.2 kg, 

Tender: 2.8 kg.  

Total: 9.0 kg.


Dimensions:  Length: 934 mm

Height: 142 mm

Width: 102 mm


Driving Wheels: 61 mm, made of stainless steel, equalized spring action.

Trailer Wheels:

Front: diameter 27 mm made of stainless steel

Rear: diameter 39 mm, made of stainless steel

Tender and Pilot Wheels: Disc type, diameter 27 mm, made of stainless steel.


Cylinders & Pistons: 2 x Cylinders, Bore 16 mm x stroke 20 mm, rulon piston rings.

Valve Gear:  Walschaeert;s valve gear with reverser lever (for ease of R/C operation)

Valve Travel 1.2 mm, Cut-off 80%


Boiler Type: Center Flue with 3 fire tubes for Butane gas burning.

Working Pressure: 3 to 4 kg/cm (42-56 psi) at normal working pressure

Water Capacity:  350 cc at 80% full

Fittings:  2 x Safety valves, Pressure Gauge, Water Gauge Glass, Regulator (Throttle) Valve, Water Check Valves, Blow down valve, Whistle Valve, By-Pass Valve, Whistle, and Super Heater. 


Feed Water System: 

(1)  Axle Driven Automatic Feed Water Pump mounted on the middle drivers' axle (Cylinder bore 5 mm x stroke 8 mm)

(2)  Hand Operation Feed Water Pump mounted in tender water tank (Cylinder bore 10 mm x stroke 16 mm)


Lubricator:  Roscoe displacement type



Gas Reservoir:  Capacity 139 cc (approximately 4 1/2 ounces)

Water Tank:  Capacity 600 cc (approximately 21 ounces)

Fuel:  Butane Gas


Insulation Method: Both sides insulated

Minimum Radius: 3 meters  (10 feet)






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