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K.P.E.V. T3 / Br 89  0-6-0T

In 1881, the Prussian State Railways ordered their first T-3 locomotives, unaware that this design was destined to become a world famous classic.  To many railfans, the sight of T-3's unmistakable silhouette conjures up romantic visions of lonely branch-line operations with the tiny locomotives hauling a string of four-wheeled coaches into yesteryear.  While it may be difficult to pinpoint exactly what endears the T-3 to railfans, there is no doubt that the locomotives' reliability and operating characteristics endeared it to both its engineers and owners.  A total of 1550 T-3's were built between 1881 and 1906 with 1345 of these going to the Prussian State Railways.  The remainders were used on privately-owned lines both in Europe and elsewhere.   

The T-3's reputation was based on her simple yet ingenious design.  The boiler was exceptionally efficient and generated fairly dry steam in spite of not having a superheater. The firebox grate area, originally 13sq ft was later increased to 14.5sq ft; the firebox squeezed in nicely between the last set of drivers.  The 43 inch diameter drivers were supported at three points making the locomotive quite stable.  The ancient Allan-Trick valve gear was almost humorous in its operation but did its job well. However, time eventually caught up with the T-3; when branch line speed limits were raised from 30 mph to 40 mph; her speed capability of only 28 mph relegated her to yard duties for the remainder of her career.

A locomotive review and essay on the T3 by Chip Rosenblum is available in the reference section.



Scale/Gauge:  1/32 scale, 45 mm gauge

Weight:  2.16 kg

Length: 271 mm

Width: 96.2 mm

Height:  130.4 mm


Wheel Arrangement: 0-6-0T (6 wheeler)

Wheel Diameter:  34 mm spoked type

Cylinders:  2 Cylinders made of Phospher Bronze, Bore 10 mm x Stroke 15 mm

Valve Gear:  Allan Straight Link Valve Gear with Screw Reverser


Boiler Type:  Type "C" with Two Fire Tubes of 12 mm Diameter

Water:  110 ml at 80% full

Pressure:  3 kg/cm

Fittings:  Safety Valve, Regulator Valve, Blower Valve, Check Valve, Water Gauge and Pressure Gauge.

Lubricator:  Roscoe Displacement Type


Burner:  4 Wick Tube Alcohol Burner

Fuel Tank Capacity:  50 ml at 80% full, a bush for Aster Utility Car is provided for longer periods of running


Coupler:  European Standard Hook Coupler (Height 33 mm)

Minimum Radius:  0.6 m (Negotiable on an LGB radius)


Photo - Howard Freed



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