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Japan National Railways B20

During the later part of World War II, shunting locomotives were desperately needed in Japan. Owing to the wartime circumstances, authorities from different railway companies needed to form a special committee in order to develop and manufacture locomotives, such as B20. Its design was simple and low cost - in fact it was the only saturated, (non-superheated), steam locomotive on the JNR roster.  Production began in 1944 and lasted until 1947. Tateyama and JNR’s Kouriyama Works built fifteen locomotives.  Some of continued in operation as late as 1972.  A B20 is currently on display in the Umekoji Steam Locomotive Museum in Kyoto.


Click here for a review of the B20 by Nick Wantiez originally published in Live Steam.




Scale / Gauge: 1/24 G Gauge (45 mm)

Weight:  2.8 kg


Dimensions: Length O.C.  302 mm

Width: 106 mm

Height: 148 mm


Wheel Arrangement:  0-4-0 Four Wheeler (B)

Driving Wheels:  Dia 35 mm


Engine Cylinders:  2 Cylinders, Bore 12 mm x Stroke 20 mm

Valve Gear:  Walschaert, Valve Travel 5.0 mm. Cut-Off 84%


Boiler Type:  Center Flue, Pressure 2 kg / cm2 at normal working

Water Capacity: 120 cc at 80% full


Fittings: 2 x Safety Valves, Pressure Gauge, Water Gauge, Regulator Valve, Check Valve Filler Plug

Lubricator: Roscoe Displacement Type Located in the right side tank

Gas Tank Capacity:  31 cc Butane Gas Fuel 

Minimum Radius:  0.55 m


Specifications subject to change without notice.






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