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Baureihe 86 2-8-2T

The Br86 was a handsome 2-8-2 tank locomotive with two outside cylinders.  Walschaert valve gear drove the piston valves and the locomotive could be used for both freight and passenger service.  Between the years 1928 and 1943, 774 of these locomotives were manufactured for the railways of the Deutsche Reichsbahn.  Many companies participated in their manufacture, with such famous names as Borsig, Henschel, Schwarzkopf, Florisdorft and Krupp, to name only a few.  

The compact four-axle configuration permitted the use of relatively small diameter drivers, capable of developing a high tractive effort without wheel slippage.  As a result, reasonably high speeds were achieved, enabling the Br86 locomotive class to handle all types of passenger trains except for express.  

After the end of WW II, many of these locomotives were handed over to other countries such as Poland, Czechoslovakia as war reparation, as well as to Austria.  Others were allotted to the railways of East and West Germany.  However, 60 locomotives were never found at the end of the war.  In 1966 the 71 locomotives which remained within West Germany were distributed between Nurnberg, Bremerhaven, Hamburg, and other main motive power depots.  Since the end of the steam era in West Germany in 1978, at least one Br86, Number 86, has been restored to service.




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