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Southern Steam Trains




G1MRA Southern Group Steam Up

Saturday, June 4, 2016


Genuine “southern hospitality” will be experienced

by live steamers, enthusiasts and spectators.


Meeting trackside at Southern Steam Trains

in Travelers Rest, SC

locomotives and consists of passenger and freight cars

will navigate an elevated track system of approximately

174 feet with a 10 ˝ foot minimum radius. 


For further information and invitation to attend

contact Jim Pitts

phone: 864-979-4128   / email: steamtrains@bellsouth.net





Aster's Tigerli on display at Diamondhead 2016 Steamup.


Aster's 2016 Loco - Tigerli - click here for more details


Union Pacific FEF3 #844 (4-8-4)

UP FEF3 #837 (4-8-4)

Click for details

The most recent Aster classic has now been shipped

to those who made reservations.

A few kits remain in inventory, we welcome your inquiry! 

Click here to view YouTube Video


A Southern Steam Trains Diversion - a video side track

SBB E3/3 Tigerli


Click to View


Baldwin B1 Rear Tank (2009)

Click for Details


Aster's Class B 28 Ton Shay - 2011 Production

Click for details



Great Northern “S2” 4-8-4


 No. 2584 - Glacier Park Green


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The Rail Scene in the UK - Adrian Brodie

Main Line Steam, Heritage Railways, Museums,

and the Modern Rail Service


Click to enter - Photo Galley 37

"A mural on a wall to Camden Roundhouse, at Chalk Farm, north London.

Somewhat surprisingly ... GWR locomotives in LMS territory!"

Adrian Brodie



recent postings to SouthernSteamTrains.com


Photo Gallery (65)

2016 International Steamup - Diamondhead, MS


Photo Gallery (64) 

2015 Winter Steam Up -  Merritt Island, Florida


 Photo Gallery (63) 

2015 National Summer Steamup - Sacramento, CA


Photo Gallery (62)

2015 G1MRA Southern Steamup


Coal Firing in Gauge 1 - Jim Pitts


Building and Operating Aster Locos - Dave Stick


Tips for Operating an Aster Locomotive - Dave Stick


Review of Aster's Great Northern S2 - Ross Schlabach


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is a virtual showcase presenting:


Inspiration to thousands of visitors each month.  Small scale live steam enthusiasts and seekers from more than 100 countries have been our guest.  With hundreds of pages of information, SouthernSteamTrains.com is one of the premier Gauge 1 web sites.  While devoted to serving our customers in North America, Southern Steam Trains LLC is pleased to provide this informative and inspirational resource to live steamers throughout the world.  Thank you for visiting.  We welcome your comments.


Information on Aster locomotives currently in stock, in production, as well as a complete roster of all Gauge 1 "live steam" engines produced by Aster Hobby since 1975.  Over the past forty years, Aster has produced seventy plus examples with a total of over thirty-five thousand small-scale live steam locomotives. The roster links to photographs, descriptions and technical specifications on all Aster live steam locomotives.  


Inventory of the Southern Steam Trains' collection featuring only Aster Gauge 1 locomotives.  Unique among live steam dealers, we stock, sell and support exclusively Aster products.  Please call to confirm immediate availability and to receive "our best price."


A comprehensive reference section with excerpts from the Aster Manual, advice for the beginning small scale live steamer from Kevin O'Connor's Notes from the Unit Shop, plus articles, reviews and tuning tips by Barry Applegate, Steve Baker, Joe Betsko, Geoff Calver, Richard Finlayson, Howard Freed, John Garrett, Fred Gandolfi, Jim Gabelich, Yves Guillaume, Elk Hartmann, Hans Huwyler, Jason Musheno, Dick Moger, Rick Parker, Jim Pitts, Andrew Pullen, Jerry Reshew, John van Riemsdijk, Chip Rosenblum, Jeff Runge, Ross Schlabach, John Shawe, Larry Shimp, Geoff Spenceley, Dave Stick, John Tribe, Harry Wade, Nick Wantiez, Sonny Wizelman and Robert Youngjohns.


A portfolio of over 2000 original photographs of small-scale live steam locomotives. Yes, most of the photographs are of Aster Gauge 1 locomotives!  Plus hundreds of UK Prototype locomotive photos by Adrian Brodie. 


Links offering a portal to a wide array of model and prototype rail related web sites.  


During the past four decades, Aster Gauge 1 locomotives have become the standard of quality for discriminating collectors and operators.  Expertly fabricated in metal with copper boilers, they represent excellence in design, engineering and performance. 



Aster locomotives offer a truly inspirational hobby that captures the imagination.  They recreate in miniature the mechanical wonder of magnificent steam locomotives and the nostalgia of a vanishing vista.  Click to read a reflection on the age of steam. 


Aster Steam Models come Factory BUILT ready to display and operate or in KIT form.  Kits come with step by step instructions as well as corresponding 3D isometric engineering drawings for ease of assembly.   Assembling an Aster locomotive is not difficult but does represent a challenge.  Click on blue hyper links above for illustrations and further information.


We invite you to explore the realistic, working models by Aster that feature fantastic excitement and historical perspective.  Aster's attraction and destination is an incredible journey filled with sights and sounds.  Many enjoy the fulfillment of building, operating, or simply viewing these magnificent models.  


Aster locomotives are engineered for those who are fascinated with the tried and true technology of live steam.  They bring back the days when steam reigned supreme!  When you are ready for live steam, remember Aster represents the world's finest Gauge 1 steam locomotives.   Southern Steam Trains LLC is honored to partner with Aster Hobby in keeping steam alive!



For information regarding new locomotives 

currently available go to the "Inventory" page



For information regarding pre-owned locomotives

currently available go to the "Pre-Owned" page







unless otherwise noted, all photos and articles are credited to

Aster Hobby CO, INC;  Aster Hobby, USA LLC, or Southern Steam Trains LLC

© 2016 Southern Steam Trains, LLC. (all rights reserved)





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